Last week’s 2017 Desert Storm was still major event despite severe weather that altered some of the planned events and a lower than usual turnout of boats and boaters. Wind gusts over 20mph and low temperatures made for riskier conditions and most teams elected to stay off the water for the shootout.

While fans didn’t get the chance to enjoy the always exciting shootout after it had been postponed and then cancelled Sunday morning, there was still plenty of entertainment and all things boating for people to enjoy for the rest of the event.

With a total of 152 boats registered for the event and thousands of people that turned out for the iconic street party, the event was considered an overall success by organizer Jim Nichols.

Perhaps most notable was the presence of DCB Performance Boats at the street party. The incredible team had not one, not two, but 13 boats from their entire lineup on display. From their M41 Widebody down to their M28, you couldn’t help but gawk at every single one as you walked by the display.

The party and week long event also saw the usual, outrageous displays of power like the Dial 911 Skater and a handful of enormous MTIs, as well as all of the engine builders like Boostpower USA, showing off their performance big blocks and the like in their booths lining the streets.

So while we didn’t get to enjoy the thrill of watching these cats scream across the lake for the shootout, the event was still the biggest in the West and we’re sure everyone is already looking forward to next year!

(Featured Image Courtesy of Jillian Danielson/RiverScene)