The surprise of the year for the southern California’s Los Angeles metropolitan boating market was the purchase and revamp of the entire LA boat show and its all new location. This year it’s being held in the Pomona FairPlex a home to the NHRA hall of fame and some of southern California’s most popular public events.

Interviewing vendors and attendees this year the consensus is positive like a new breath of fresh air. Many exclaimed the LA Boat show of previous years had declined on all levels of interest to the point the most performance boat builders no longer attended. Skyrocketing costs and what was seen to be universally very poor show management under its previous leadership.

But the vibe and feel of the LA show this year is alive. Despite flood warnings and a horrible weather system passing through the region the southern California, the show had better traffic than years past and the attendee excitement showed the move and the new management are headed in the right direction.

While not all southern California boat builders could make it, the showing was still strong from Nordic, Shockwave, Hallett, and others. It looks like the resurrection of the event shows real promise. The show points out that its a great new opportunity if we can get the support of more of the manufacturers to invest in putting their product in front of consumers they can build this back to its glory days and beyond.