On December 3rd Powerboat Nation traveled to the heart of Florida for the 2021 toy tour. This event takes place alone the St. John River, in Palatka Florida. The run is to help underprivileged kids, and victims of domestic violence. This event was created by and has been going strong for the past 21 years with the help from Walter Braithwaite and Scott Mccormick of velocity powerboats. Other sponsors include Mystic Powerboats, Mercury Racing, Mystic powerboats,  Spectre powerboats, Cigarette Racing,  and Myco Trailers.

Friday’s fun run started with 55 boats heading from Crystal Cove Resort down the St. John’s river,  to Dunn creek. Dunn creek is 10 miles of Sharp left and right turns that takes you to crescent lake where you end up at 3 bananas.  After the teams road back to crystal Cove for a fun night that included a dance party,  that ended with a magic / hypnosis show.

Saturday’s run from Crystal Cove to was quite the excitement. The morning started off with heavy fog that delayed the run a few minutes as it was really thick.  After the fog lifted the boaters strapped up their life jackets with blood pumping waiting on Velocity president Scott Mccormick in the new Velocity 29 with twin 400rs to signal to start run.  We rode along with DJ Williams in his 31 American offshore to all the toy drop at Weleka Boat Ramp where the Putnam Police department was waiting for everyone to drop off the toys.

“We really appreciate all the powerboaters that participants in this”

After the toy drop off the boaters went to the toys drop off, everyone headed to Renegades for lunch stop. The fun didn’t stop there, everyone headed to Silver Glenn Cove for a big raft up and party in the clear water. That night the banquet was packet full of fun an excitement with a live band and plenty of give aways.

” It was a really good first time” said Williams, ” it’s a really great cause and we will be back next year with Powerboat Nation on board with us.”