A Skater, named “Freedom,” tipped over just before 2 p.m. near Brown’s Ravine on Lake Folsom on Saturday. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department had sent a dive team to search the water for the missing boaters but as of yesterday Authorities said the search is now considered a recovery operation, not a rescue. California State Parks Sgt. Barry Smith said the multi-agency search efforts have been difficult due to issues with high winds and poor visibility in the lake.The four men were identified as Toby Strauch, 54; James Strauch, 47; Jake Jacobs, 53; and Jon Smith, 48.

Investigators have stated that they believe the boat was a relatively new purchase, and that they do not know what level of experience the boat’s operator had. Loved ones of the men speaking with local news outlets struggled to understand how a day at Folsom Lake turned terribly wrong. A friend of one of the men said it’s hard to believe what happened. “He’s a very good guy. We’ll miss him,” the friend told local news outlet KCRA 3.

The speed boat was recovered on Saturday, but investigators are trying to determine why the 35- to 40-foot vessel capsized and have yet to find any leads. Authorities said the accident happened in a part of the 18,000-acre, man-made lake that is dotted with small islands. The boat overturned in a shallow part of the lake. The recovery operation continued on Monday but so far nothing has been found.