This previous weekend saw the 5th Annual Great Lakes Super Boat Grand Prix take place and record crowds to quite a show. JD Byrider took the checkered flag and won the Super Boat class. Sunny skies were out and winds kicked up some good bumps in Lake Michigan exciting the fans with high flying boats.

Dr. Mike Janssen and his Snowy Mountain Brewery Outerlimits Super Vee were very excited for the race, and in an interview with SBI exalted the venue.

“I really love coming here… everyone is so nice and thoughtful; it is just a wonderful place to race. Our team had a great race today. I really like this two-race format that Super Boat is doing as it allows everyone to race the first race and then come in and make changes as necessary. It’s like a 45-minute pit stop and, then, we are back on the course for the second race. We are really happy to come away with a win [In their group] and my team did a great job to get us there,” comments Janssen. “The beach was phenomenal with people all down the entire race course.”

President of Super Boat, John Carbonell said that even though there were less boats than last year that this year’s race provided some very exciting action.“Everyone in every class put on a great show and those teams really excited the fans. Even with the fewer boats, I heard comments from fans that it made it easier for them to keep the classes straight and know who is leading.” commented Carbonell.

Owner / driver, JR Noble of Team STIHL did his best to keep in range of finishing first but eventually ended up crossing the line in 3rd behind WHM Motorsports and winner JD Byrider.

“On the last turn of the last lap, we were getting hosed down and couldn’t see a thing. At the last minute when the windshield cleared, the turn buoy was instantly there and it went down the left side of the boat …that would be the wrong side. We chose not to turn around and pick it up and just headed to the finish line. It was a real bummer,” commented Noble.

WHM Motorsports owner / driver Billy Mauff took value in the pit stop between the races.

“Today was rougher than yesterday (Saturday) and I’m glad we had a chance to come in and change props. The second race was rougher than the first and when we went to a smaller prop, it made all the difference. I’m really happy for Tony (JD Byrider) on his win today. He had said if he didn’t win, he wasn’t coming to the next race. Thankfully, he won and now we are all off to New York. These people are great here and, hopefully, we can get more boats to come next year and put on an even bigger show.”

Other class winners included GB Racing in the Super Stock class, Lucas Oil in the Extreme class and Dare Devil in Manufacturer P3.

The next Super Boat International race will be at New York, NY, the weekend of September 6th – 8th with the 23rd Annual New York Super Boat Grand Prix. This race shows off one of the most unique backdrops in offshore racing, the Manhattan skyline. Launching the race boats by the Statue of Liberty, fans can watch the race from both sides of the Hudson River.