It’s never easy to step out on your own and open your own business, sweat about costs, rent, taxes payroll, and customer satisfaction, it takes a special breed of risk takers to take this giant step. Ten years ago Jason Ventura left the north and ventured to Fort Lauderdale to do just this and this year his Brand X Hi Performance Marine celebrates 10 years here in South Florida.

I first met Mr. Jason Ventura in 2005 during the Fort Lauderdale boat show. The memorable Outerlimits  display was set up outside the show  in the usual spot between Seabreeze and Beach Boulevards.  Outerlimits owner Mike Fiore had a little problem with a diesel fuel shortage for the portable tower lights  and somehow I got a call to assist.  I had some leftover 50 gallon plastic tempo fuel tanks that came off  some drug boats way down south and I loaded a couple up and headed over with 100 gallons of diesel.  Still active duty Coast Guard I showed up in uniform wearing a bright orange U.S. COAST GUARD rain jacket. While getting set up to pump the fuel this cocky, short, north easterner, with hair, made a comment about letting prison inmates work onsite after hours and from then on… it was on.

Jason has done what many have never been able to do.  With his unmistakable nonverbal communications and dug in New England attitude he has grown from a small corner space at Chief Hi Performance to an expansive 30,000 square foot shop with in house abilities to cover the boats stem to stern.  The in house painters have done masterful repairs and completely new design paint jobs on everything from boats to race cars and even golf carts. The shop is jammed full of projects that include complete refits as well as
minor repairs.

Brand X is the only Hi Performance Powerboating group who provides complete on site concierge, service, storage, transport, with parts and service/repair capabilities at the actual poker runs.  With a Toterhome full of parts that often includes transmission, drive, fuel pumps, water pumps and a wide assortment of belts, hoses, and additional small parts, Jason and his team have a unique ability to keep their customers on the water.  With a work ethic unparalleled by anyone Jason and his team do whatever it takes to keep his customers on the water and enjoying their valuable time.

Jason has developed a loyal following of high performance customers who are accustomed to getting high performance service to their high performance boats and yes he is an ASSHOLE ,who will yell at you with a smile coming out of the side of his mouth and those of us privileged to know him love him.