November 1-4, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada hosts the city’s largest convention of the year, second only to the the biggest consumer electronics show in the US. For the racing and performance industry this is the holy grail with hundreds of thousands of square feet upon which manufacturers display their latest new products and for PBN supporter AEM, this is exactly what they do best.

While we’re seeing the AEM EFI electronics rapidly becoming the chosen system on engines all across the US, we’re told by AEM that the evolution in this field is happening so fast that it is like watching the growth of the cell phone industry. In support of AEM Electronics since the earliest of days has been Alexi Sahagian, president of Boostpower USA. Alexi points out that he will be in the booth at SEMA educating the attendees about the many new features his company has been in developmental support of.

Alexi also points out that his company has been involved in putting hundreds of hours in testing and R&D development into many of the new features. While we are told there are dozens of things awaiting their reveal, we are on hold for a couple of weeks so stay tuned and we will bring you all up to speed in what is on the horizon for 2017.

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