Arneson Industries and Skater Powerboats latest 33BBW is progressing on schedule for the 2014’ Miami Boat Show debut.

Building on the success of the 338 Fatboy and always want to going one step beyond, this newest creation is going even WIDER! The newest creation is sporting a 12” wider tunnel than what was originally used on the first 33’ made, the “30 Prototype” owned by Dale Rayzor of California. The customer “Top Flight Marine” wanted a Bigger Badder and Wider boat than was already built, hence the name 33BBW!

Making this latest creation badder is a set of Sterling 4L Quad Rotor engines coupled to a set of Arneson Industries #7M Drive Units. Originally this 33BBW was all set to get a pair of Brad “Smith Power” engines but due to unfortunate circumstances the engine project was switched to Sterling Power from Milford MI. This boat is going to be the fastest, widest and baddest of the 33’ series built to date.

Look for more updates after the boat gets painted.