Powerboat Nation again breaks new ground with a feature guaranteed to be a hit among it’s members. While the forum has long been a very rewarding resource for support from its members it has also not been able to cover many of the more challenging questions. Powerboat Nation has recognized that, and to fill this gap they have assembled the ultimate team of marine professionals with a specialist in each field. Combine this powerhouse of knowledge and making these individuals knowledge available “FREE of Charge” to its members. Whether Rigging,Painting, Engine, or Outdrive technical support is what your looking for Powerboat Nation has got it. Go ahead and ask the tough questions. Now you don’t have to rely on opinions, you can get the answers from the experts who work on, rig, paint, build and rebuild powerboats everyday. http://forum.powerboatnation.com/ask-pros/

Engine Expert

Alexi Sahagian


Boostpower USA Marine

Alexi supplies the industry not only with some of the most powerful and most impressive custom engines in the world, but also provides thousands of specialty parts, accessories and hardware to the planet as well. Alexi will be bringing generations of experience as a technical guru from his long history of professional boat racing, magazine test driver and evaluator, custom boat rigger and the unparalleled experience dyno tuning and testing not only his impressive monster engines, but just about the entire industries as well! We’re very excited about Alexi as a technical resource. Alexi’s passion for EFI engines, boats and people in general gives him the very drive and positive vision of the industry’s future.

Drive Expert

Brian Jackson

Offshore Outdrives

Quietly, understated working out of a meticulous shop near the Fort Lauderdale airport. Brian Jackson has earned a reputation for being the very best. When you ask the hard core enthusiasts and race teams where they go for drive work, the answer Offshore Outdrives. When I run in the 150-180 MPH range the person most trusted is the one guy at Offshore Outdrives. A lot of guys have the certificates and credentials just like Brian does, but he graduated at the head of the class and he is the one who works on the best.

Rigging Expert

Jason Ventura

Brand X Hi-Performance Marine

Jason Ventura has been in the high performance business for nearly 25 years. Prior to working at Outerlimits he built and raced drag cars and his own powerboats. Working at Outerlimits for 7 years Jason was responsible for the racing program in the US and Europe, Poker Run Team, and all customer service work. In 2007 Jason relocated to Fort Lauderdale and is the guy behind what is arguably the fastest and best high performance powerboat every built, Bill Pyburns, Pure Platinum 388 SKATER. In addition to Pyburns thoroughbred Brand X maintains a stable of high end powerboats.

Paint & Graphics

Mark Morris

Visual Imagination

Visual imagination has made its mark in the boating world by producing some of the most recognizable designs on the water. Speed Racer, Mercedes, Two Face, Batman, Ferrari, Hammertime, Looney tunes, are just a few of the incredible pieces of “Art”. Mark Morris has put on the water. His incredible eye, attention to detail, and survivable finishes make him the absolute king of floating art in the powerboating world.

Interior Expert

Mike Mears

Fineline Marine Interiors

Mike Mears has been perfecting the art of marine interiors. The quality, fit, finish, and spectacular results are unsurpassed in the industry. It may take longer or cost more but no other interior shop can match the new, recover, custom, and restro work coming out of this South Florida Shop.

Engine Expert

Tommy Hofstetter

Chief Performance Engines

Chief Engines, has for over the last 20 years ruled as one of the must prominent engine builders in the country. Today recognized as the home to the world’s fastest pleasure boat utilizing 93 octane at 186mph, and recently developing 1600hp. Founder Tommy Hofstetter, a South Florida native cut his teeth through the rise of offshore powerboating. Chief Performance is credited with developing numerous trademark products from their own Electronic Engine Management System to Twin Turbo marine engine packages. Tommy’s background wasn’t just hands on work. He invested wisely in the knowledge base that has brought him to here with credits in mechanical engineering, diesel technology, dynometer testing and developing at Florida Institute of Technology.