Goodwin Competition‘s engines have changed the platform upon which the upper echelon of boat buyers of this industry have come to expect from a high performance engine. According to company owner, Todd Goodwin, it is required that the company go well beyond the marinizing of their existing proven engine packages.

Todd points out that because their engines’ capabilities taxed so many of the production boats ability to support this horsepower, they needed an electronic engine management system that would not only provide the fail safes required to protect the engine, but also gather necessary information allowing the Goodwin team to perfect each installation

So Goodwin Competition reached out to AEM Electronics to develop a proprietary system that required what Todd pointed out to be, a monster investment in both firmware and software development. Advanced engine control and data monitoring has taken the drive-ability aspects of such an incredibly powerful engine and tamed its manners, making the boat shift in and out of gear, idle, and accelerate like no system they had seen before. Todd also makes it clear that the ability to offer safety guardian controls provides his company everything you would find in an OEM based engine system and so much more. Data is priceless and in the electronic industry, technology changes on a weekly basis and we need to change with it!

We are told we will get to take part in a drive-ability experience and we will document even more in the upcoming months.