In any high performance power boat, the accuracy and visibility of a boats instruments is key to safety and monitoring the engines performance.

While the industry continues to add and morph into flat panel screens, there is no denying the straight ahead visible instrumentation cannot be beat when operating at speed or in less than favorable conditions.

So as Bill Pyburn sourced the very best selection of instruments for yet the latest version of David Brantons “VOODOO” 388 Platinum Series Skater, he once again leaned on the team at Autometer to build what can only be considered some of the most beautiful gauges in the country. The gauges begin life having their billet aluminum dials artistry painted to match the boats paint scheme by none other than Dean Loucks from The Art of Design.

Autometer takes the custom dials and then hand assembles each instrument before it again undergoes rigorous endurance testing.

In the end the result is none other than some of the finest crafted gauges on the planet .