Autometer has recently expanded their marine line with the inclusion of 4 new wideband gauges made specifically for marine use.

The new gauges are, in true Autometer fashion, extremely high quality. And they stand apart from other brands by the use of several key features.

See what the team at Autometer says about these gauges that sets them apart from the rest below!

Sealed For Your Protection – no, we’re not selling cashews or peanut butter now, but just like all of our marine gauges, each of these marine widebands are front sealed for added protection from the elements (rain, spray, wash, etc.)

SPF 50 Rated – all AutoMeter marine gauge pointers utilize a special blend of paint that adds an extra layer of protection to prevent them from fading with prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays

Length Matters – many have wondered if length matters, and I’m here to tell you it does…at least when it comes to installing a wideband on a boat or other application needing a longer wire harness. Each gauge includes a 25’ harness to ensure these gauges can be installed on most marine applications without needing to modify or purchase a longer wire harness. These longer harnesses are also available separately in case you have customers that need longer wire length for other wideband applications (model 5252)

Gauge Parts Matter – the same internal components utilized in AutoMeter’s high performance widebands are also incorporated in these gauges, so consumers can feel confident they are working with highest quality parts available when tuning their boat or other marine application