Autometer’s previous release of their BEX-1500 and BEX-3000 battery extenders was an industry game changer as featured on PBN here. Eliminating the worry of battery failure or damage at the worst possible time, whether before a day on the water or out on the water itself, puts the mind of every boater at ease. Safety and security are paramount, ┬ánot to mention how much of a buzzkill going out to a dead battery on the day of your big poker run can be, and Autometer is giving you the ability to never worry again.

With the latest release of their BEX-5000, Autometer is upping the voltage and amperage of their standard battery extenders to accommodate larger and more powerful applications with ease. A price tag of under seventy dollars only make it that much more desirable.

Visit Autometer to learn more about what this ingenious product can do for you and don’t hesitate to try one out today! What’s a small upgrade for exponential peace of mind?