BBLADES Professional Propellers introduces the BBLADES Bravo OB/F, a customized Bravo prop casting built to tame the high-torque of today’s high-horsepower two-stroke and four-stroke outboards. The new prop debuts at the Miami International Boat Show February 13 – 17, at the BBLADES display (Booth #4063) at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The BBLADES Bravo OB/F is perhaps the most versatile outboard propeller available. A four-blade, 14.75 diameter stainless steel wheel (available in two-inch pitch increments from 22- to 36- inches) with a custom tuned exhaust tube that reduces drag, improves trim reaction and aides time-to-plane and top-end speed. The leading edge of each blade is wedged and balanced while the trailing edge cup heights are lengthened and matched for cleaner, smoother acceleration. It’s available in both left- and right-hand rotation.

An exclusive feature of the BBLADES Bravo OB/F is its 7/8th boaters to customize the necessary propeller ventilation for their specific boat set-up and improve planning. Other propeller companies offer a non-tunable one-inch vent or a 5/8th separate propeller for two-stroke and four-stroke applications, while BBLADES has found the formula that makes the Bravo OB/F ideal for any 150 to 300 horsepower outboard from any manufacturer in a single propeller option.

“For a boating application that requires aggressive ventilation, the BBLADES OB/F has a massive tuning capacity,” said Brett Anderson, BBLADES president. “This new prop offers up to 3.5-inches of ventilation, which allows the boater to control the aeration around the propeller. The overall design is to optimize both hole-shot and top-end.”

After the customization is completed, BBLADES finishes the prop to a high-polish that makes the Bravo OB/F look as good as it runs. Priced at just $797, the BBLADES Bravo OB/F is one of the least expensive performance enhancements a boater can buy, and boaters who want a little something extra can inquire about the lab-finished versions.

Based in Princeton, Wisconsin, BBLADES Professional Propellers is a full service propeller company offering consultation, inspection and repair of any aluminum, stainless steel, nibral and brass propellers; “Lab-Finishing” or “Blueprinting” of stainless steel propellers; its own signature line of BBLADES performance propellers; competitive pricing on new props from Mercury, Hering, Hydromotive, Acme, Stilleto, Signature and Turbo; and the most comprehensive propeller and drive spacer testing programs in the marine industry.