In another Miami Boat show Sneak Peek, BBlades is set to debut Gear Case Blueprinting to the public. As with anything that has to do with technology it always starts out expensive, exotic, and difficult to obtain. Then it eventually finds its way in toward the mainstream. Sometimes we get lucky enough to be a little bit on the inside to get the information on the advancements that the leaders and innovators set in motion in the beginning. Speed secrets, well they are secrets, are the same whether you were Smokey Yunick of the NASCAR early era or a top offshore race team. There’s always been an edge based on ingenuity. In the last decade there have been teams that have sought to fine tune or blueprint their production based outdrive or outboard lower gear cases. One of the first to do this in the early era were the same folks that were massaging race propellers for Mercury Racing. This process started from a customer requests which turned into APBA requirements for limitations on what modifications could be done. It was apparent that blueprinting made a difference and it was something that many didn’t want to discuss.

The guys that were part this early development were a little stealthy, one of them was Brett Anderson who in the early days was a force behind Mercury Racing propeller department. Today Brett is the owner and force behindĀ BBlades Propellers which is know around the country as the premier aftermarket propeller guru.

In recent years gearcase blueprinting found its way into the mainstream and Brett decided it was time to reveal the fact that he has been doing this for over 15 years. With so many new customers asking his thoughts about the service it was one of those moments when he realized his customers didn’t recognize he provided this service and has provided it for a very long time. .

BBLADES blueprints Mercury outboard Sportmaster cases, Bravo Drive Sportmaster cases, NXT cases and Mercury #6 and #8 gear cases. BBLADES also does the full line of IMCO cases. Brett can also customize a blueprint for any gear case or lower unit. Because BBLADES has special templates designed for each of the gear cases mentioned they can offer deluxe full race version or they can offer a semi-custom version and do just the most important piece which is tuning the skeg thicknesses and its progression.

“I feel we have the most comprehensive knowledge of skeg uniformity adjustments.” said Brett “I have been dealing with the Mercury castings in house at Mercury Racing and then perfecting them since each ones inception.”

“It is most important to maintain uniformity between cases on twin engine applications and we are capable of delivering the customer a perfect product.”

BBlades will have an example of a blueprinted gear case in their booth at the Miami Boat show and they welcome the opportunity to discuss your performance desires for your boat, so be sure to stop and see them at booth 4063.