Spring fever usually means it’s time to start thinking about getting the boat ready, or, if you’re lucky enough to have your boat in the water and completed your shakedown cruise, to get after those nagging little things corrected before they grow bigger if ignored. Now is the time to squeeze more performance out of your vessel before the season begins in earnest.

BBLADES has programs in place that let you test and tweak your boats performance affordably. The right prop and boat set-up can save you money in fuel, not to mention the embarrassment of being at the back of the pack. Keep reading here or visit the BBLADES website to learn more about our test programs.

We want to thank everyone who participated in our Miami Boat Show contest and congratulate the folks who took home prizes:

  1. Doug Miller-Single, Bravo Style Lab Finish (value of $392.00)
  2. Scott Kowalski-$150.00 Merchandise Certificate
  3. Eric Diver-Bravo-style BBLADES BSAFE Prop Lock
  4. Paul Jimmerson-BBLADES PropStop Bag
  5. Matt Wiersma-Hat/T-shirt Combo

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And while you’re on Facebook, check out our buddy Korey Sprengel, champion walleye angler. We’ve partnered again with Korey this year, and you can learn a little something about fishing – as well as propeller and boating tips.

Know What To Look For When Inspecting Props

When getting your boat ready for the season, don’t forget that prop maintenance is as important as checking out the engine, hull and accessories on your boat. In fact, the following steps should be used every time you take your boat out on the water, but certainly after three or four days of boating fun.

BBLADES’ Prop & Spacer Plate Test Programs – Eliminate The Guess Work

No matter what type of boating you do, what type of horsepower you run, or what type of propeller you spin, BBLADES has the right prop to help you max-out your boats performance. Better hole shot? No problem. Faster top-end? We can help squeeze out a few more rpm and mph. Improved fuel economy?
There’s a prop for that.

But even after consulting with your BBLADES prop pro about which wheel is best for your application, the true proof is how it performs on your boat, and BBLADES Prop Test Program is an easy, inexpensive way to “try before you buy.”

BBLADES offers test props from our own line of quality propellers, as well as those from Mercury, Turbo, Hydromotive and more; BBLADES even offers testing of Hering Offshore propellers , and is the only prop shop to make such an offer available.

BBLADES OB/F: Versatile Prop For Today’s Big Outboards

The BBLADES OB/F is perhaps the most versatile outboard propeller available.

A four-blade, stainless steel wheel (14.75” diameter available in one-inch pitch increments from 21- to 32- inches and 15” diameter in one-inch increments from 33- to 37-inches), BBLADES’ OB/F features a custom-tuned exhaust tube that reduces drag, improves trim reaction and aides’ time-to-plane and top-end speed.

The leading edge of each blade is wedged and balanced while the trailing edge cup heights are lengthened and matched for cleaner, smoother acceleration. It’s available in both left- and right-hand rotation.

Slip Into Something More Comfortable

“Prop slip” may be the most widely used and most widely misunderstood term in boating. It sounds like something bad, but it’s a good thing when occurring in the proper percentage.

In simplest terms, prop slip is the difference between actual and theoretical forward travel resulting from a propeller’s angle of attack. Too much prop slip leads to poor performance and lousy fuel economy. Cavitation, or prop blow-out, will greatly increase the slip percent number. A prop diameter that is too small for the horsepower and load can also increase slip beyond desirable levels.

Too little slip can create other issues, not the least of which is destroying a drive or gear case components.