PowerBoatNation and Xtreme Powerboats of Miami worked behind the scenes today with a crew from CNBC’s show “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”

It’s an exclusive world filled with enormous fortunes, unimaginable extravagance and a cast of super rich characters with one thing in common — a voracious appetite for success, status, and the best of the best. CNBC unlocks the mansion gates and scores you the ultimate VIP access to a world inhabited by the wealthiest people on the planet. “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” only on CNBC … you can’t afford to miss it.

Today’s work was to coordinate the marine parts of the production that features Gino Gargiulo, his Lamborghini “Aventador”, and his matching “Aventador Themed” 48 MTI, powered by Mercury Racing 1350 QV4c Turbo Motors.

The crew worked hard to set up a staged race of the boat and car along MacArthur Causeway which leads from downtown Miami to South Beach. Working with a crew of eight from CNBC which included, sound techs, cameramen, producers, helicopters, and of course boats. They rigged Gino’s boat with four Go-Pros and his car with three. I ran the chase boat with two cameramen, the producer, and a audio guy.

Everything went off almost without a incident. The only little hang up was from some misguided local police who I think wanted to be part of the action.

The Miami Parks department decided to enlist the support of the Miami Police depart to try to shut us down for not having permits. Unable to establish cause or need for permits, which weren’t required for what we were doing. Miami’s finest just joined in taking pictures of the whole show.

Then later while Gino was driving the car and Larry Goldman driving the boat, which of course won each race, because Gino seemed to have the luck of getting behind a Miami Beach Patrol Car every time he went to accelerate down the causeway.

Look to PowerBoatNation to bring you updates and airtime for the upcoming episode. We will also continue to email CNN clips and outtakes of the latest powerboating coverage.