At a recent Boostpower shop visit to follow along with the continued progression of one of the company’s many refits and restoration projects, we were shown an all new transom refit with what company founder Alexi Sahagian pointed out to be every state of the art component available to the aftermarket today. Alexi also divulged that this customer has no real budget, just the request to have all of the features you would find in a modern 2017 new boat.

Alexi said this particular boat will no longer feature any mechanical cables. Cable driven technology has gone the way of yesteryear. Today, modern drive-by-wire technology can be found operating a boat’s throttle and all other trim control systems.

Alexi stated “When we looked at the back of the boat we had a blank canvas, and we wanted to use stability control that was faster operating, had less drag, and didn’t use any mechanical linkage based senders. Our first thought was the MAYFAIR Trim System. While in recent years OEM factory tabs have had retro fits of electronics, they still use moving linkages that are commonly worn or prone to failure and damage from being exposed in the water.

The Mayfair System chosen encompasses this most important no-cable feature. We didn’t want the corrosion problems we’ve seen that are associated with billet aluminum tabs that are bolted together. These tabs show premature corrosion at the exposed areas where the tabs are bolted together. This is why you won’t find them manufactured by any OEM.

We wanted the best we could get and chose the MAYFAIR system because it offered us everything anyone could ever want. From OEM coatings, corrosion resistant 356T6 aluminum castings reinforced with large support ribs, and a design we know has less drag, it’s the ultimate culmination of top-of-the-line components. 

But the real jewel in the system is the stainless steel, non-corrosive trim tab cylinders and integrated electronic trim senders providing us with real-time visual images of the trim tabs’ positions at a glance on both the independent Mayfair digital indicators, and on the boats Garmin Displays.or any other NMEA compliant product we use.

This marks just one step closer to delivering our customers the ultimate end product we can but our stamp of approval on.”