The Garage with Dennis Show goes to BoostPower Marine

Real gear heads like most Powerboat Nation members typically have more than just boats in their performance stable and that means your experience extends beyond power boating into a wide range of power products. For most of us in the PBN family we not only have or enjoy amazing boats but our sister hobbies include things like Harleys, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Rat Rods and other cool things we can tear up the world with.

If you’re a hot rod automotive enthusiast then you will recognize Dennis from the popular show “The Garage with Dennis”. Dennis recently visited BoostPower Marine in sunny southern California and spent the afternoon with Alexi Sahagian owner of BoostPower Marine. Dennis produced the following show and we thought you guys would love to see a thorough behind the scenes look at not only Boost Powers new B3 supercharger system but some other great insights in performance boating.

If you’re in the southern California area you really should stop and see the facility as BoostPower Marine as it is literally a show piece facility with incredible performance hardware laying around all over.

If you can’t travel to SoCal then you can just take it all in here.