It’s pretty obvious why phones no longer have wall cords, or why V-Belts are only found on farm tractors. It’s because there are better, more efficient methods of doing things. Serpentine belt driven accessories are a perfect example of true innovation, ensuring the durability and longevity of a Serpentine accessory drive system.

Emphasized by quality aesthetics and design, the true heart of the matter lies in the top notch performance of each individual part. The folks at BoostPower USA spec their own products when it comes to everything in their engines. This Serpentine accessory drive kit developed by Hardin Marine for their 800 cubic inch engine package is just another example of the high quality products going into their engines. Here’s a quick glance at Alexi the President of Boostpower USA torture testing one of their monster motors to show how stable the Serpentine accessory drive system is.