If there is one thing that Boostpower USA in Sunny Southern California is famous for, it’s definitely custom product and engine development. These guys are one of the earliest adopters of electronic fuel injection, huge cubic inch engines, multi fuel engines, compound supercharging, and the list goes on for years.

Boostpower’s Alexi Sahagian is not one to accept the status-quo as an option. In this case, their customer had come to them looking for an alternative to his tired, aging, roots supercharged engine package.

The requirements were simple. They wanted the same strong, aggressive look of the supercharger sticking through the hatch, but wanted the latest in modern technology. Sure, you could have come up with numerous under hatch efi options, but that would have compromised the customer’s desire for the sex appeal of the engine gleaming out of the hatch.

Adding fuel injection is a snap for the Boost Power team as it is a huge part of their business. Boostpower touts that they keep virtually every modern ecu package in their dyno cell. Owner Alexi Sahagian’s touted knowledge of the pro’s and con’s and idiosyncrasies of what an ecu’s limitations are is critical to delivering drive-ability to the boater. What a engine does on the dyno is nothing like how it operates in a boat but knowing how to get a jump on the calibrations is a notch in their team’s belt.

This engine package, like so many others, started simply by pulling one of their proven, already built 565 cubic inch long blocks from the shelf as the perfect foundation. A relatively small engine package of sorts when you recognize the Boost Power team is often building 800 CID engine packages, but this engine package can deliver a big punch owner Alexi states. He says that matching the supercharger’s air speed and and fuel delivery to an engine’s size is critical to its success.

The Boostpower design team chose to combine the latest in TVS Eaton superchargers into a custom, proprietary direct port, fuel injected, intake plenum system. This package was next topped off with dual throttle bodies, a Hardin Marine Flame arrestor and 16 injectors selectable for the swap of fuel grades on the fly.

Boostpower was one of the pioneers of multi fuel engines and because of this, provides their customers with truly tuneable horsepower choices as a multi fuel engine can run on 91 or e98 fuel. Power is then available respectfully at 1200HP on the 91 octane-gas and 1700HP on e98.

​Alexi is quick to point out that while all of the beautiful metal parts are a sight to see, the real magic all comes from the use of their exclusive session and layout software​ that run through the Infinity 8 ECU for marine use.​ Just as your cellphone has progressed in technology, so has the software and capabilities of today’s electronics.

Boostpower points out that today they can tune an engine with the capabilities of up to 1700HP, to virtually idle and behave with the most manageable driving and docking characteristics we could ever imagine.

One thing’s for sure. These guys never stop perfecting what we continually rave to be one of the best in the business performance packages.​