The Bernico 43 Quad is the latest creation from boat builder Nico Bertels, and we recently had the opportunity to speak with him about the inspiration behind the brand and how he arrived at this latest model.

Since Bertels founded the company in 1991, the brand has serviced the needs of the ski racing industry and smaller offshore boats for over 20 years, consistently designing and producing high end performance boats built to customers’ specifications. But as his customer base began demanding larger and more luxurious boats while still maintaining the high level of performance and speed seen in his smaller models, Nico arrived at the perfect boat to bring the two worlds together, the Bernico 43 Quad.

The Bernico 43 Quad, as you guessed, is powered by quad 400R outboards that push the boat up to speeds of 98 mph. And the luxurious interior is of a quality usually found on high end yacht tenders, but what really makes the boat unique is the entirely custom hull design specific only to Bernico boats.

Nico discussed with us how the company collaborated with Belgium company VOXDALE, that specializes in CFD simulations in order to design a better and more efficient hull. The hull was in fact designed for the V1 racing series in Europe and offers customers the increased efficiency and performance usually only found in professional racing boats.

Nico also pointed out that while the acceleration and maneuverability are more than impressive for a boat of that length and size, one of his favorite aspects of the new design is the interior seating. The new style which is designed and built in house is hydraulic powered to adjust the height, has regulated suspension, and features an electric folding option. All of these combine to give you one of the most versatile seating options on the market.

But while the Bernico 43 Quad is certainly one of the most impressive boats to leave the factory, Nico shared with us that they are also working on several other custom designs as we speak. They are currently building a version of a quad Lamborghini boat as well as a Bentley version, as we see more and more customers choosing to have their boats modeled after their favorite cars. And finally, Nico shared with us a tiny bit of info that they are working on a Cat 333 that will feature double 400s, but that the design is being kept under wraps until its release in 2018.

Ultimately, Nico Bertels is quickly overtaking the luxury performance market and we are more than excited to see the Bernico 43 Quad running on the water as well as their other new designs.