When a passionate boat owner invites a group of other owners to his home for a boating event you can only assume his brand loyalty runs deep. Powerboat Nation was fortunate to be invited to attend this years SkaterFest hosted by multi Skater owner Ron Szolack on Lake St Clair, Michigan. 15 SKATERS and 1 Outerlimits V-Bottom all gathered for this invitational event that was more than something special. Skaters new and old, small to big, and well I can’t say slow to fast because they are all fast, so how about fast to faster. The owners ranged from some that were new and some that have been around with their SKATERS for years and years. Jim Lee brought his familiar 46 Freedom and a 28, Garth Tagge was on hand with his very recognizable all white classic deck 36, Other notables at the event were Skater founder Peter Hledin, Mike D’Anniballe of Sterling Performance, Chip Miller of Miller Marine, and Jerry Gilbreath was holding court at the dining room table and answered just about every boat set up and prop question being thrown at him.

The party at Flight Club was spectacular and the over the top hospitality presented by Ron at his home was as incredible as well. Of course another passionate powerboater who opens his home to the poker run crowd, Kenny Armstrong was in the house and riding along with Ron in the 46 Skater TopCat with 1350 Mercury Racing QC4v engines.

This was a great gathering of horsepower in the Motor City, I used to live in Clinton Township on Lake St Clair and I have great memories of fast boats running around everywhere. I cant wait to get back next year with a great friends very special new 388 Skater.

Special thanks to Chip Miller for the Gyrocopter pictures and video. Miller Marina is THE place on Lake St Clair for all of your powerboating needs!