New Years Day usually represents hangovers and alka-seltzer but for the Hot Boating community of the West Coast it is one of the two biggest get togethers of the year. At a small lake about a half an hour north west of California’s states Capital is a great gem of a lake (Reservoir) that you would think was made just for hot rod drag boating.

Over 100 hundred boats and more than 400 people gathered at this favored West Coast lake for hot boaters known as Camp Far West. Since this lake is a reservoir, this time of year the water level is very low. Even with low water the lake does provides a near perfect drag strip of water and the shore line that is a near perfect arena like viewing area for all spectators in attendance.

This is a grass roots run what ya brung heaven. One after another boats line up to square off against each other in what varies from a 1/8 blip to what some would call hauling the mail out the back door type of runs. Participates range from 100 plus mph hot rod outboards, tunnel hull jets, blown flats, hydros, dolly trailer alcohol hydros, and to top the day off you can find a twin turbo 25 Eliminator daytona showing what its made of.

Beyond the on water action is a non organized show and shine type event that was a great opportunity for the spectators to get up close and share stories and ideas about the boats. We were fortunate to be able to make it to the event and have take tons of pictures for your enjoyment.

One thing for sure is no matter what you label this event, grass roots hot boating, performance boating, or just plain powerboating. These great boating get togethers show powerboating of all types is still thriving and many great people are participating in an incredibly exciting lifestyle!