Nothing rests at Chief Performance these days. Just after completing the super successful 1350 Turbo Install in Pure Platinum II for David Southern. The crew at Chief turned had to complete a big re engine job on the former WHM Race boat now know as Top Tomato and owned by Sal Sciandra Sr. and son Sal Sciandra Jr. from Toms River New Jersey.

This boat was purchased six years ago and has been running Mercury Racing 1075’s. The power was tired and needed a full rebuild so Sal and his son weighed the options and rather than mess about with the Mercury Racing Engines they called long time engine builder friend Tommy Hofstetter of Chief Performance.

Sal Sr. has over 30 years running and racing high performance offshore boats and said he has seen it all come and go with engines and engine builders. The real success to the build of the new Chief Engines is the proprietary Chief Performance Engine Management System. Tommy has logged thousands of hours in the development of this remarkable system that truly dominates in every way. The tune is optimized continually as the engine is running and bring and bold warning signals alert the driver of a condition while the system manages the condition to protect the engine.

But the really great news is that rather just dumping you into a guardian mode the software identifies the specific issue and lets you know right away. Sal was annoyed with the constant guardian issues on his 1075’s and is ecstatic about Chiefs system. Moreover if you do have a real problem you can call up Tommy himself anytime anywhere 24/7.

The 1350 Turbo package was painstakingly built and installed in all of these boats by the Team at Chief Performance. For Top Tomato they also did a full dash re rig, hung rebuild drives, new transmission, interior, and some paint work. The result is incredible, the boat cruises at 165 MPH and there is a lot of throttle left when they are ready to push it.