When a center console flies by you at over one hundred miles per hour there is absolutely no shame in doing a double take.

This is exactly what Cigarette Racing Team achieved this year at LOTO when their Cigarette-AMG 41′ SD GT3 CC, driven by Myrick Coil from Performance Boat Center, ran a whopping 104 MPH on the last run of the day in the liquid-mile top-speed contest.  This isn’t just any CC it defines luxury and with the 1100 Twin Turbo Mercury Racing Engines the performance and drive-ability is unparalleled.

Skip Braver expects the boat to run even higher speeds if they push it, but was more than pleased with the results touting that they were able to achieve the perfect combination of reliability, pleasure, and performance.

“Earlier in the week the people at Performance Boat Center were taking full loads of people on it,” Skip Braver said.“They used it all week and most of the weekend. It’s a Cigarette. You buy and you use it. We built it to show that a fast can also be pleasurable.”

There are few boats that can carry 10+ people daily without any issues, then lay down an impossibly fast shootout run after dumping just a few passengers. The GT3 can do just that, and make it look good!

(Featured Image Courtesy of Cigarette Racing Team)