Cigarette is many things, but at the top of the list CIGARETTE is a luxury brand and the CIGARETTE DIFFERENCE is so noticeable it hits you hard. Being close to Miami and hearing all the back and forth about the Miami Boat Show moving to Virginia Key, some leaders in the boat business have backed away, leery of what may take place at the new venue. Talk to Cigarette Racing Team owner Skip Braver about it and in less than one second you know he is all in for the Miami Boat Show.

“Cigarette is a BIG believer in the Miami Boat Show” said Skip when I spoke with him recently at Cigarette’s pristine custom built manufacturing facility. “The Boat Show is great for all of Miami and it is great for Cigarette.”


Skip was kind enough to let Powerboat Nation take a sneak peak at their plan for this years show and I can tell you to expect the unexpected! CIGARETTE is going big and will have the largest presence on the docks, they will have the most luxurious presence on the dock, and they will have the biggest surprise on the docks.

We have long known and seen the repeated collaborations from CIGARETTE with AMG. It probably took me longer than most to figure it out. AMG is a luxury brand unparalleled in automotive and CIGARETTE doesn’t even have a close competitor in powerboating. Who CIGARETTE is, what they deliver, and how they deliver it is the CIGARETTE DIFFERENCE! Like I said before the difference isn’t just pretty vocabulary, you can see it and you can feel it. Make no mistake CIGARETTE is making a difference and it will knock you back because if you never owned one you will always wish you did.

Skip let me take a picture to demonstrate how involved the details of the Miami Boat Show are for CIGARETTE. They built their entire display, glass enclosures, complete full digital three dimensional wall, in the factory to make sure it all works, then tear it down and rebuild it at the show.


This is gonna be good so make sure you are on dock 2 for the show opening to witness the largest display of the entire Miami Boat Show! If you can’t be in Miami then watch Powerboat Nation bring it all to you LIVE right here!