If you were at the Miami boat show then your one of the thousands that viewed the stunning PBN Cigarette in the sky above the famous Clevelander bar a mere day ago. What you might not know is that one day before hoisting the boat sixty feet in the air to the roof where it was to rest during the entire Miami boat show that we were informed that the new bracing used to support it along with the weight of the boat put it over a Max weight limit .

After several months of preparation we hit the ultimate snag. But due to some great friends and the use of the Brand X service facility we worked most of the night and removed the engines. Which is no small feat in a side by side install. Yes it obvious we made it, but the part that now came as the largest challenge is that we have had 18 hours to get it off the roof and get it rerigged with the engines back installed for today Thursdays infamous FPC Miami boat show poker run.

Last but not least the show decals off and the PBN brand back on. Yes we’ve made it and we will be in full force to bring you all the grander this events has in store. Are we psychotic ? No just committed we hope you enjoy what were out to bring you. Stay tuned for our coverage of the Miami Poker Run…