Cruise Ship Saves Women From Sinking Superyacht

Cruise Ship Saves Women From Sinking Superyacht

Earlier this week a Carnival cruise ship rescued two women from the chartered $20 million Masteka 2 after is started sinking off the coast of Port Macqaurie.

The ship first received the distress call as yacht crew members discovered that the yacht had lost steering and was taking on water.

The cruise ship was able to quickly divert and deploy one of it’s fast launch boats in order to transport two females back to the liner where they would stay aboard until it docked.

The remaining 4 crew members elected to stay aboard the yacht in order to try and find the problem.  They were able to do so with the help of airdropped pumps and the boat is now awaiting the arrival of a tugboat which will tow it back to the harbor.

The superyacht is one of the nicest yachts available for charter in the area and commanded a minimum starting hourly charter rate of $3,000/hr.