In 2005 I was at a poker run in Florida and saw something happen that struck a chord in my mind about the Boating Course I had just involved myself with. A long time high performance boat owner who had numerous fast V bottoms had just taken delivery of his brand new catamaran. I watched the dealer go to the docks with him and show him the boat. They fired up the motors and looked around. Then the dealer got off the boat and the new owner and his wife left the dock for an inaugural run in the ocean before the Poker Run started. The dealer remained on the dock and watched them leave, pockets full of cash and a big smile on his face. A short while later the new owner returned on one engine, slammed his way into his slip, yelled at the dealer and shouted how much he hated the boat and wanted his V-Bottom Back.

Well there was nothing wrong with the boat. The new owner had never been in a cat before, it was really rough off of Fort Lauderdale that day, he went out in terrible conditions and tried to drive the boat like he would have driven his big V bottom. As a result a different V went on his lift and he lost a bunch of money, confidence, and complained about how bad the boat was.

Another time I did the school with some new V owners, through the session they learned, gained insight, developed confidence, and understanding. Now not only were they safer, the ride was more comfortable, the casualty rate declined, and enjoyment went up. Today these guys own some pretty remarkable cats that run hard and they continue to up the ante buy buying bigger and more capable boats.

My point here is I think we got lost in the safety aspect of skill training. There is no question skill based training far and away exceeds knowledge training to mitigate incident. But, for the future of our boating world proper skill training does much more than safety, it sales the boats, sales the experience, and adds fuel to our sustainability. Taking cues from the motorcycle and RV segments we need to do much more to encourage boat ownership. Not shared ownership, boat rentals, or rides with friends but real “All In” ownership; BUY the boat, RIDE the Boat, and LIVE the boat.

Recently, you may have seen the press release from Daves Custom Boats reinstating the Tres Martin Boat School to provide the Performance Boating Course with the purchase of any new DCB Model.

This was something that came standard in 2006-2008 ish with many builders and even some dealers. When the economy slowed-No- “Devastatingly Died!”, this went away.

I am so very happy to have the guys at DCB lead the way to bring this back because first and foremost it promotes safety, but that is just the first and most notable return. The other return is how this type of indoctrination process by the builder or dealer with us or through us makes the entire experience so much better which leads to sustainable growth for the entire industry. It is not just my opinion that this process leads to the sale of new boats I can show measurement and define a metric to it.

A huge and sustaining applaud to DCB for being a Leader and rising up again to show the way forward.

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1468 N. Magnolia Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020

Dave’s Custom Boats Includes Performance Boat Course With Purchase

EL CAJON, CALIF. (June 3, 2013) — With the goal of helping its customers become safer and more knowledgeable boaters, Dave’s Custom Boats (DCB) is pleased to announce it is teaming up with Tres Martin Performance Boat School to provide a performance boating course with the purchase of any new DCB model.

In addition to a one-and-a-half-day instructional course with on-water skill-based training, one of DCB’s trained technicians will be on hand to spend the day with each student to make sure they’re familiar with the boat’s component and system operations upon delivery. After finishing the class, students will receive a certificate of completion that is recognized by most major insurance companies and may lead to a substantial discount on their policy.

“With so much attention being focused on safety combined with the technological advancements that have allowed us to build boats that are larger, faster and more powerful than ever before, we realize that a class like the Tres Martin Performance Boat School is essential to our customers,” said Dave Hemmingson, who founded DCB more than 20 years ago. “Even with years of boating experience behind them, there’s a good chance they’re going to learn a few things and become a better driver because of it.”

Hemmingson believes his customers, as well as owners of any high-performance brand, will benefit from the class dedicated to operating boats safely and properly at high speed. From understanding boat design and studying defensive-driving tips to practicing turning techniques and determining trim settings for various conditions, the class covers a little of everything to improve a driver’s confidence behind the wheel.

For further information, contact Dave Hemmingson at 619-442-0300 or

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