It’s hard to make changes to anything that’s already as well designed and crafted as a DCB M35 Widebody. But the team at DCB has upped the ante with their latest work, converting two M35s into open-bow, pleasure crafts.

Both conversions are fully completed and DCB has provided a full walk through of each craft and what makes them so unique.

The first of the two conversions is a 2016 M35 Open-Bow powered by a pair of Merc 565’s and sporting Bravo Ones which take the boat to a maximum speed of 100mph. This boat debuted last year at the LA Boat Show and will set you back around $465k.

Being the first conversion that the company has done,  the finished result is nothing short of impressive. The team brought their A Game, as they always do, and converted the original M35 into a flawless Open-Bow that appeals to both pleasure boaters and performance boaters alike.

Equally as impressive as the above conversion is team DCB’s 2016 DCB M35 Widebody Open-Bow pictured below, which is the higher powered of the two converted craft and sports a pair of Merc 700s with SSM#6’s. The boat which debuted in April of 2016 at the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu will run all the way up to 120mph and prices at around $575k.

Pushing the envelope a little more with this boat being that it’s more geared toward performance than pleasure, the result is yet again a flawless conversion that any owner will be proud to show off!

Both crafts are reinforced with extra Kevlar and carbon fiber to strengthen the boat overall and the under deck areas are designed with a purpose geared towards storage more than anything else.

And finally DCB decided to not install doors to the bow but those can be added upon request.

Make sure you head to this year’s Desert Storm where they will both debut in DCB’s usual, awe inspiring fashion.