DCB, the high performance boat builder out of El Cajon, CA, has recently completed the hulls for two M44 Widebody catamarans that are expected to hit the water this summer.

While generally known for using the ultimate in high quality gel coats for all of their boats, DCB has chosen to switch it up for their new and largest catamarans, having one of them painted instead of having the customary gel coat.

The painted boat was done by Mark Morris of Visual Imagination. The design and graphics are out of this world and the 1550s/1350s powered boat is set to be delivered late August.

The other hull is being finished by the DCB team at their shop and features a white gelcoat with black accents. This boat will be powered by 1100s and is expected to hit the water in July.

We’re all looking forward to seeing these massive cats hit the water this year!