Final preparations are being made for DCB to move in and set up for the 2016 Barrett Jackson show in Scottsdale, Arizona.  DCB enjoys the unique opportunity to have a major presence at such a large and prestigious show that has brought in thousands upon thousands up attendees over the years. Their incredible lineup with the addition of their newest models is sure to be the highlight of the show as performance enthusiasts from across the nation will come to see the latest and greatest in the high performance world.

DCB will have four new boats on display at this incredible car auction and show an M29 with Mercury Racing 400 Outboards, a M31 with Mercury Racing 700SCi’s, a M35 with Mercury 1350QC4V, and a M41 with also with Mercury 1350QC4V. Bringing power, design, and otherworldly craftsmanship to the show, DCB enjoys the unique ability to take their lineup anywhere and inspire passion and awe for their elite boats.

DCB has found incredible success at these shows and they fit in really well with the rest of the high performance community that spans across all industries . DCB pays such close attention to the intricate details of their builds that they naturally attract the high end car crowd to their boats. Their newest models are sure to command the attention of everyone at the show as they push to generate interest in their one-of-a-kind craft.

Stayed tuned to Powerboat Nation to bring you updates from the show and also check out Velocity Television and watch the Scottsdale show.