A Deep Impact 36 Center Console, valued over $240,000, was stolen in broad daylight over Memorial day weekend from a storage unit in East Naples, Florida. The boat, named Alto Mare was just purchased by Michael Mateja, with Aqua Motorsports on Friday. He had brought the boat to the storage facility he intended to keep it at and had it parked there for just one night before thieves struck and took off with the boat. The truck that pulled away with the boat, also thought to be stolen, was a white Ford truck, with a back cab cover, and a front vanity license plate that looks like a NASCAR plate with the number 51. The thieves took off in such a hurry, that they damaged Mateja’s RV that was parked nearby. Mateja said he wants his boat back and he needs your help, so much so that he’ll give out a large reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

“I’m willing to offer a ten thousand dollar reward payable upon the prosecution of the individual. It’s a very sought after boat, it’s in high demand, very nice condition, value over 240,000 dollars.”

If you have any information or have seen the boat of truck, please contact 239-450-3493