Mark Fischer has been a friend and fellow boating companion for years. Mark used to have other brands build his boats for him and now for a few years he has been building boats for others as the owner of Blackwater boats and Ocean Hawk. Mark and is wife Eileen are also the owners of the uber-successful Offlease Only car dealerships.

For sometime now the Miami rumor mill has been swirling about the opportunity of Deep Impact being for Sale. At the Lake Lanier Poker Run I spoke to Mark about it and kindly asked to keep it quite and he would call me to let me know when it was cool to let it out, but he had already at that time done the deal to acquire Deep Impact. He was running his 399 Deep Impact Poker Run Edition at Lake Lanier.

“Deep Impact was always one of my favorite brands,” Fischer said in a statement. “The opportunity to combine the customized beauty of Deep Impact with the fit and finish of Blackwater was like a dream come true.”

Mark owns the Blackwater and Ocean Hawk boat lines. The 33 Ocean Hawk’s are the familiar 33 Opens that were formally branded as Cigarettes as well as Ocean Hawks and were the first real Cigarette center consoles. The boats are fast and fit perfect with the Miami Powerboating Lifestyle. Blackwater fishing boats are tough, rugged and have incredible their fit and finish, quality construction and meticulous attention to detail. Ocean Hawk boats are associated with speed and pleasure cruising.

The Deep Impact production will be moved to the Blackwater facility here in Miami and all boats will be offered through Marks boat dealership BoatsDirect USA.

Mark and Eileen are certainly the couple to make this move. The are incredible business people, active boaters, and Mark definitely knows what it takes to build a great boat and make it work for every type of boating lifestyle.