Jim Nichols the man, the face, and the energy behind the famous Desert Storm Poker Run was hospitalized today with a bleeding ulcer and in the hospital under treatment. For 16 years Jim has led the way to create the most recognized performance boating event on the west coast. Tireless, relentless and as nice as they come, we sincerely wish Jim a speedy recovery.

In true form Jim wont give up and even from his hospital bed he is connected and in touch with all that is happening with his event. The army of dedicated volunteers and sponsors for this great event have stood up to make sure all goes off without a hitch. Jim and his staff are to be commended because the true measure of leadership is when you can leave the helm to those around you.

Again from all of us at PowerBoatNation, Jim we wish you a speedy and healthy recovery and thanks for bringing all of us enthusiasts this wonderful event. Jim’s wife Claudia is at his side and expected to have a good outcome. He have heard he plans to be boating on Friday and can believe this because he always seems to put others in front of his needs. Please offer your thoughts and please keep Jim in your prayers.