As the barrage of poker runs begins, the 9th annual Lake Cumberland Thunder Run is a must-attend poker run for any boater that loves speed, loud engines, and a fun time out on the water.

All of the houseboats, lodging, and campsites for the event at Grider Hill Resort and Marina are already sold out, leading us to believe that this event is going to bigger and better than it’s ever been!

One of the great things about the Thunder Run is the dedicated team that puts on the event and always changes it up in some way to keep it interesting. So this year the attendees will be running to Burnside for lunch like they did in the first couple years of the run. And if you went last year then you’d remember the Nashville Party Band that performed, and they will be back this year as well for a great time.

The entire run is about 106 miles and according to Justin Lucas there’s going to be boaters of all kinds from supercats to CC’s and everything in between. And this year’s Fun Run that takes place on Friday is going to be exploring a newly built restaurant for the first time, the LC Tiki.

And even more new things are in store for everyone like this year’s Stereo Sound Off sponsored by Shore Power Marine which is going to be a blast. TX Roadhouse will be catering the dinner again and Jake Davis with Lake Life Fotos will be back snapping picks of the over 100 boats anticipated to run this year.

With another epic run in store we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there and mad props to all of those that took part in organizing this fantastic event! Stay tuned for more info and media from the run!

(Image courtesy of Terry and Melanie Martin)