Exchanging Big Blocks for Outboards, Skater Style

Exchanging Big Blocks for Outboards, Skater Style

Skater Powerboats has built what many boats considered in poker run and racing circles to be those of legend. One of these Skater’s is Dale Razors 30′ skater most recognized by its unique paint scheme and aptly named “Prototype”.

The legend behind this boat is just how fast with nominal power this boat was capable of running. To be exact the boat is the fastest naturally aspirated, pump-gas-engines powered boat Peter at Skater has ever built to date.

Having owned the boat and participated for years in numerous poker runs, the year after year expense and maintenance of the high-end setup of the 30 led Razor to look for an every day boat  which was again a Skater, a 28′ boat equipped with 300XSs, The boat excellent reliability and blistering 120mph rides left the 30′ sitting at home most weekends. Before long the expense and maintenance of now owning two, twin engine Skaters quickly took it’s toll.

So with the evolution 400R Merc engines a plan was brewing. The potential of the 30 to have a pair of 400hp outboards on the back looked to be a viable option for the perfect boat.. After waiting to see results of similar boats with the 400Rs – the 318 Skater running 114 and the 32 Doug Wright running 122 – He decided the sacrifice of the speed of the 150mph beast for the reliability and owning one boat was the best move possible.

Sure giving up bragging rights of owning a 150+ mph Skater wasn’t easy, but after seeing what he believed might be a safer option than a 150mph 30′ boat was a simple decision. Don’t get me wrong he’s not all about safety as he pilots a blown alcohol hydro for when in need of a adrenaline fix.

Skater acknowledged in agreement that loads of orders for new 400R powered cats were the evolution of the market. Razor said I’m in and off to Skater the boat has headed. The boat will feature a new Lee Aerospace full wrap windshield the exclusive choice of Skater power boats as well as changes to the transom with a new bussel and tunnel extension and re-rigging of the boat with 400Rs.

With the decision clear Razor points out I couldn’t de-rig my 30 fast enough and get it back to Skater!  Were really looking forward to seeing how fast they can get the 30 to run with a pair of these 400s on the back.