High end customizers are all over the auto and bike world, finding similar talent in the boating world is certainly not common and finding true excellence is even harder.

If you want a real custom job on any type of water craft if you find your way to Missouri you are in luck because you can count on the world class work of Waves and Wheels from Osage Beach, Missouri

Waves and Wheels are not by any means of the imagination limited to high end stereos. Since 2001 under the direction of owner operator Justin Wagner they have been constantly setting a higher bar and bringing innovation and excellence to these custom projects.

Using their Iron Man themed 377 Talon Cat as an example of their capabilities, they have transformed this blank canvas into an incredible masterpiece using the preferred Focal Marine Stereo Drivers and Speakers with tons of detail work which took hundreds of man hours to complete.

Take the time to watch the video and browse their website to get the full feel of what they have to offer;