DCB had great representation at the LOTO Shootut this year, but  Mrs. Swoop,  Summer Richardson, who owns Swoop Motorsports and My Garage App, ran the props off her F32 DCB rigged with TCM 1,050 HP engines stole the show. Summer has already earned the title “Queen of the Desert” after she made an 143 MPH run at the Desert Storm Poker Run in April. In her first time at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, she made several runs, beating her own marks from Desert Storm Twice with runs on 146 MPH and 147 MPH respectively. Although she didn’t take home any titles, she put out a warning call as a force to be reckoned with.  Mrs. Swoop can back up all the talk.  She runs the boat all alone!  From the dock to the race course, through the maze of boats and back.  In fact she even works on this beauty herself to keep it in top shape.  While her runs didn’t bring an official title we are giving her the title of Fastest solo woman in offshore!  We sat down for a minute to chat with Summer and she gave us the run down on her boat and her speed runs.