Despite push back from naysayers, we continue to lead the industry when it comes to identifying and revealing new and innovative engine designs and their related products regardless of what is hiding in the wings. No fake news here, the FACTS are that we will see all new naturally aspirated 1200HP and 1600HP engine applications debuted at this years Miami International boat show by an all new player in the engine manufacturing arena.

That’s right a brand new engine built from a clean sheet of paper focused on making the ease of installation and current market accessory offerings a key to its acceptance.  Recognizing that high power engines are often plagued by cooling issues, the new company has shared just some of the many features the company has developed. Starting with a state of the art cooling system that features 120 GPM of sea water flow from a multi stage stage sea pump, matched to 150 GPM of coolant flow from twin circulating pumps. Add two heat exchangers to the mix and you have the cooling capacity to support your most ambitious power goals anywhere.  No more going into “limp home mode” due to cooling system challenges

NO It’s NOT a Big Block Chevy platform rethought, so pay close attention as we again bring you the latest news before it even happens. Stay tuned the best is yet to come…