Great attendance, perfect weather, and a wonderful group of people showed why FPC’s Miami Boat Show Poker Run is one not to ever miss.

I have been attending this Poker Run regularly since 2006 and it remains a favorite. This year saw a return of a very large and diverse group of boats as well as many new members. This resurgence is exciting to see and it certainly bolsters the confidence in the performance boat market. We saw many boats that were on display at the Miami Show on the Run, Andre and Leslie’s , new 33 Active Thunder, Michael Ciasulli new 388 Skater, Mark Fisher, new 39 Deep Impact, Albert Haynesworth, new 39 Cigarette GT Center Console, and Brad Benson running his 52 MTI, Pass Blocker

Thursdays run down was absolutely sensational, the Power Boat Nation Cigarette ran flawlessly and we were able to sneak ahead of the group to capture some great pictures an video of the group running south. Friday we returned to Gilberts to meet up with the remainder of the group and had nothing but fun all along the way.

The highlight was Saturday’s sand bar raft up that was the best ever. We shot T-shirts into the crowd and supported Stu and the club as much as we could by assembling a large group of girls on the bow of Kenny Armstrong’s Viking for the best photo shoot ever.

After ruturning to Fort Lauderdale I talked to Stu for a long while and asked some questions about how he saw the event.

How was this years Miami Boat Show Poker Run?

” I am elated and so very happy about the event. The numbers were huge. We broke records….Record registrations, rooms booked, total amount of people, sold out hotels all around the area. Incredible fleet of boats, MTI had a huge showing with at least 20 registered boats and Cigarette brought along as many or more. Between both brands they must have accounted for 40 percent of the entire fleet.”

It seems like there are many new members?

Yes! Just like we saw in Key West last November, about 25-30 per cent of the entries were new registrations. I have heard over and over again that many have these two premier events on their Bucket List. Its been a really hard winter and to have the chance to come to South Florida for these premier events is something many boaters look forward to for months or even years. IT is exciting to see these guys come down and run with us.”

How did the new Safety Management plan work out?

“Well, it worked great, but it really isn’t new. Our relationship with Miami Dade, U S Coast Guard, State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has been a long standing and they do a great job. Our management plan is one that has been developed in wonderful cooperation with all these authorities and we know they really appreciate all of the combined efforts. We had a very safe event with only minor infractions from some new poker runners that were easily taken of.”

What about next year?

“Same plan, same place, and same time. It sure would be cool to have a shootout though. If we can find the right arrangements it may happen. We shall see….”

Big thank you to Stu and Jackie for continuing to provide us with great well organized events that bring together the wonderful people of powerboating!

Andre and Leslie’s

Brad Benson

Michael Ciasulli

Mark Fisher

Additional Photo Credits to Freeze Frame Video and Shoot2Thrill