All week we brought you the back and forth banter between Team Gone Again and Team Speedracer / Performance Boat Center.

Speed Racers Randy Kent and Gone Again Skater’s Kenny Mungle and Michael Lee Lockwood gave everyone a great show all weekend long.  On Sunday the final Drag Race brought both boats to the starting line and they let it rip.  SpeedRacer got out early and seemed to have it easy and then Gone Again ran them down for a fast photo finish.  After much deliberation the official win was given to Speed Racer but many fans think it was an optical illusion that swayed the win to Speed Racer. Some also argued since Gone Again is 32 feet and Speed Racer is 44 feet the reported 4 foot advance given to speed racer was actually then only 8 feet and because of the 12 foot length difference the win should go to Gone Again with the 32 Skaters transom being 4 feet forward of the MTI transom. Thus removing deck to deck racing to transom to transom racing!!! Check out the Videos and Photos below!