If the boat business does one thing to you, it’s that it almost pulls you away from the luxury of boating. But for a select few they really know how to mix their business with their pleasure. For those of you in the know you know him by either “Mike” or “Livorsi” but to the rest he’s just the guy that founded the ever popular Livorsi marine brand.

Mike’s a guy that regularly buys the latest year boat model offering and goes to work on either his tan, his fishing, or yes even his product development. With the ever growing center console market Mike is busy integrating products to best serve this market and yes fishing too. His latest endeavor is a new Wellcraft center console and is shown here in the gulf of Mexico undergoing some treacherous testing .

Mike is installing Livorsi Marines Vantage View Gauge System, LED Indicators, Custom Steering wheel and other accessories to show Wellcraft the upgrade appointments their products offer. So if you run across this guy during a testing session as shown here make sure to wave!