The horsepower wars have just begun and while big engines may not seem like something new to this industry, what is new is the evolution and technology that has allowed us to create GIANT horsepower and run on standard pump gas for fuel.

Engine technology has really evolved in the last few years we’ve seen big power from the OEM Turbo segment of the market but what we haven’t seen is the reliability expected from these power plants. The cost of ownership to the new boat owner in regard to repairs has even the high end clientele of the market looking for options. What once seemed like it might have put the aftermarket engine builder out to pasture has done the opposite; it has created opportunities for options.

The initial cost as well as the cost of ownership of the OEM engine packages has caused the elite of engine builders to once again look at the marine industry and realize that their experience from endurance and race applications translates perfectly to the marine industry.

In this case Goodwin Competition Racing Engines will debut examples of their latest marine engine offerings at this years upcoming Miami International Boat Show. The 1850 HP engine is available in a wide range of horsepower options from naturally aspirated 1100HP versions to the previously noted supercharged 1850 HP engine. While many can debate how much is too much? Well the Goodwin team has just raised the bar on what we can expect from a traditional 91 octane pump fuel style engine.

Stay tuned as we show just how this engine is capable of this and a lot more about the amazing Goodwin Group behind its development.