If you weren’t amazed and astounded by the workmanship and level of machine work that the Goodwin Competition crew puts into the design of their behemoth 2000HP aluminum engine blocks then you might need to quickly get to a hospital its possible that you have no pulse? Recently we looked deep into the foundation of just what goes into the construction of the engine block of the Goodwin Competition engines.
We’re now we’re moving up the food chain to see the real “secret weapon” of the package: The semi-hemispherical combustion chambered cylinder heads that allow what seems like a tornado’s worth of air to move through the engine.

First you need to know that Goodwin’s facility is one of the most sophisticated technical centers in the country, so it’s no wonder they have the ability to do CNC machining of cylinder heads, 5 axis CNC porting, and custom profiling.

These engines cylinder heads start out as the highest quality 6061T6 billet aluminum ingots (Chunks) that enter their facility at 151 lbs and for a mere 76 hours on each they are precision sculpted down to a mere 59.4lbs. The combustion chambers are designed to accept massive 2.600″ (YES, nearly 3″ !) intake valves and 1.940″ exhaust valves. The unique combustion chamber design provides what Todd Goodwin explains to be unparalleled valve train dynamics, combustion efficiency, and fuel distribution and atomization.

So of course the physical numbers are staggering in size I couldn’t help but ask what the flow numbers of the cylinder heads were? I got nothing but a grin from Todd as he pointed out that was proprietary info but he would elude that its 15% better than any cylinder head they have ever seen.