Nordic Boats confirmed the purchase of Hallett Boats Thursday evening in a move that will further strengthen and expand the brand’s position in the boating industry.

While the production of the boats will be moved to Nordic’s facility in Arizona, Owner Randy Davis has decided to keep the Hallett brand as it is while making only minor upgrades to materials and the production process.

Having owned several Hallett boats himself, and also being a longtime friend with Hallett’s previous owners, the Barron’s, the decision to purchase the brand was an easy choice for Randy and we can expect the brand’s loyal following and customer base to be happy that the changes to the boats and bran will be minimal.

Shirley Barron made the following statement after confirmation of the sale.

“Thank you to all our loyal Hallett customers for the opportunity to serve your boating needs for more than six decades. We’re confident that Nordic will continue to produce and service Hallett Boats with the same high level of quality, workmanship, integrity and customer satisfaction that has made Hallett an iconic brand for more than a half century.”