The PowerBoat Nation reality media team was all over the Key West Poker Run and Super Boat Internationals World Championships in Key West, Fl. With a dozen men on the ground we streamed live from boats on the run, from Card Sound Bridge, Gilberts lunch stop, the street party, and swim wear show. For a few thousand of you that were able to follow along with some of our live stream content we hope enjoyed it. Yes, it was a work in progress and at times the narrative should have brought some laughs. The future will bring some advances in both the technology we use for the streaming and how we do it. So just hang on as we look to bring to you the real live experience at many of the events we will be participating at this year.

If you were out of the loop, we have posted multiple clips for you to catch up on the action that went down over the past few days. If you attended this event then you’re going to be thrilled to see the thousands of images we shot and are posting daily. If you didn’t make it, well we have numerous video highlights we will be posting throughout the week as well (our editing team is working as fast as humanly possible)

Beyond all of the action that happened was a number of big announcements that PBN is going to bring you first through addition video coverage. To say that we have some great stuff coming is an understatement so stay tuned.

Attendance at this year’s poker run was big, but maybe even bigger was how well the vendors did in Poker Run Village. There were multiple deals going at the same time as three different customers were trying to buy the 34 Sunsation in the village and it stayed in Key West with its new owner. Pier 57’s Scott Shogren exclaimed they had better success at the Poker Run Village than they did at the boat show.

There was never a dull moment all week long, welcome parties at the new Hardin Marine interactive consumer trailer, swim wear show, Duvall street party, and a grand prize giveaway by Florida PowerBoat Club to the poker runs best hand.

As for the racing situation, well it was announced that the race will be changing venues leaving some even bigger opportunities for new promoters to work closer with the poker running community. Race boat attendance was literally a fifth of what the poker run entourage brought.

We know now one thing is for sure, that while this last weekend’s event was a huge success it gave us a glimpse into the future of what’s ahead in 2014. It is going to be a bigger year than 2013 and you should probably start making those plans for the season opener at the Miami Boat Show because it’s the next “Not to be miss event for PowerBoat Nation. You won’t believe what we have in store for you at this year’s Boat Show Party!