Hometown Favorites win at Home. Dee Ungarten OPAcommunications director said “It was a great race week at St. Clair!” The 2013 St Clair River Classic Offshore Race again proved the hospitality of small engaged communities makes all the difference. St Clair provides a unique and fabulous venue with the Race Course Location on the River and the ability for the street party and parade. With an estimated 30,000-40,000 people on the street for the race these event venues are perfect for offshore racing. Val Fiorillo said it was great walking into dinner with the Broadco Team. The Hometown favorites drew immediate praise and applause from the diners seated around the place. The two hometown crews Broadco and Cleveland Construction took first place finishes in their respective classes. Broadco had to come from behind to take the win. On the parade lap one engine shut down and they made a dash for the pits to work the problem, They were able to get the problem identified and fixed before the green flag dropped and they were back underway charging for the fleet. For 11 laps they bit off more and more and with some attrition from the rest of the fleet came to a checkered flag in front after starting down one full lap from the start.

The Class 6 group had a total of 11 boats and gave the crowd a thrill. The boats are required to not pass each other for the first two turns and with 11 boats rounding the turns side by side at the same time some race action played out within the group that has a 70 MPH breakout speed limit. New Jersey favorites Team Wazzup II took the win. In two short weeks OPA will be just 20 minutes down the road from ST Clair for the International Offshore Powerboat Race Aug 9-11 at Port Huron, Michigan. This race features sponsor’s from across the river in Canada and the entire race fleet will parade over two Sarnia, Ontario for a static display meet and greet and autograph session.

Photo Courtesy of Freeze Frame Video. See more pictures here!

RESULTS: St. Clair River Classic Offshore Powerboat Race:


1st – 5 Broadco Cat 5
2nd – 113 Miss GEICO
3rd – 388 Phoenix Parts
4th – 19 Cat Can Do/Jarvis


1st – 66 Tug It
2nd – 29 Typhoon


1st – 129 Cleveland Construcion
2nd – V1 Wazzup
3rd – 119 Cat Can Do (outboard)​​


1st – 467 Velocity Racing
2nd – 422 Erie Monster
3rd – 469 Crocket Rockett


1st – 555 Pushin Tin
2nd – 599 Dirty Sutphen
3rd – 519 PFE Racing
4th – 524 BK Motorsports


1st – 601 Wazzup II
2nd – 644 Knot Guilty
3rd – 626 Maxed Out
4th – 639 Repeat Offender
5th – 623 Country Service
6th – 699 Grinch Racing
7th – 624 Miss PTM
8th – 667 Hurricane Force
9th – 615 Sale-N-Buy
10th – 607 Akula
11th – 613 Bad Newz