Yes, the weather was smoking hot in Texas, I mean it’s late June for gosh sakes but the weather wasn’t the only thing smoking hot in Texas. Sure Texas is known for hot beautiful women, take their professional football teams and specifically the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. But hey they’ve got nothing on the what could be considered the professional poker run circuit. OK, maybe professional was a stretch but the bottom line is we’ve got some of the hottest women in the country running throughout the poker run event series.

Texas was yet another opportunity to take in what I believe makes the poker running experience just that much better. Yes big , powerful, high performance power boats are thrilling but ask any guy at anyone of these events and they will tell you the side show and the aspect the women bring makes these events sensational.

While it may be hard to pin point the very best facts of the matter, it is going to be very hard to beat the boating girls of the south. If the criteria was just how hot they look in a bikini it may be able to be challenged, but these girls bring it all. To be clear these girls are not just from Texas its kinda of a cross section of the south and its not just how they look it is so much more. They look great, their super nice, they can drive a F650 with a boat and back it down a ramp at Lake Cumberland and they know how to belay a cleat. In some cases they will even confront a cop to keep the boys out of jail!

The recent Texas Outlaw Challenge certainly showed how these girls are not just along for the ride and without them our boats would just be boats.